Sunday, January 22, 2017


Friends!  With a burst of energy, I come to you at the beginning of 2017.  In an attempt to really push myself and reach new heights in creativity, I am back to blogging.  This blog will be my "companion" that encourages me to make, create, get involved with jewelry and really breathe new life into, what I consider, my art.

This is a really off-the-wall take on a wrap bracelet made from the parts of a necklace I made several years ago.  It is a completely new look.  I added a bit of thin leather but kept the big chunky chain, one very large effervescent semi-precious blue stone, and sassy glass pearls.                                                                                                    ↦

It is with this post that I set my goal for feeding my creative self and making an effort, everyday, to work.

Signing Off....

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