Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quiet on the Home Front husband and step-son are out of the house for approximatley 3 hours and I am thrilled to have the time to set in my studio and create...I have been dreaming up ideas and working on old ones, but never quite have enough time to put it all together!  Found an amazing group of Recyclers, Upcyclers and Repurposers...if that is a word...on  The call themselves "The Upcyclers".  I just love the unique and amazing creativity that comes out of taking something that has already lived the life that it was created to live, but could have a whole new life as something completely different.  Does that make me "Earthy Crunchy" or just creative?

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  1. I love being a part of the Upcycling team, too! :) Great blog!