Wednesday, June 29, 2011

...And So It Begins!

I purchased this amazing silver back plate for what would normally be used as a "flourish" for a kitchen cabinet door!  It is just too beautiful to be in a kitchen.

I recently stumbled onto a fellow Etsy artisan who does amazing things in the world of recycling and upcycling.  The Wooden Bee is a husband and wife team from Florida that use wood and other household construction items to make cool stuff rather than letting it go into the landfill.  They have come up with some really neat design ideas and sell other materials used in the building industry as "art supplies".  You really need to check the store out on, but they also have a website and blog where they regularly post on great upcycled projects!  Love it!

While I was perusing their Etsy store, I ran across this cabinet "pretty", as I like to call it, and just had to have it.  I have been staring at it and flipping it around in my hands trying to determine what jewelry design this will take on!  I started with this button that just happens to fit into the center hole where the knob would typically go...but not in my world.


  1. Oh it is beautiful! Mary you are so talented. Thank you!