Friday, June 10, 2011

Nancy Necklace Redux

It happens occasionally that you may find a peice of jewelry in your average department store that has several elements that you really like, but it just isn't a "stunner".  Here is an example of such a story.  Nancy went to one of her favorite department store and found a great deal on a necklace and bracelet combination.  She loved the color, the shape and the texture of the beads, but just didn't LOVE the way that they were strung. 
These are the two necklaces and two sets of earrings that I made from the necklace that Nancy bought.  I did, however, add a significant piece to the double strand necklace that I happened to stumble upon.  The earrings on the left, I had to make from other beads that we, re not part of the original necklace, but they just had to BE.

Finished product...loads and loads of fun!!!

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